Graces of the Fall (demo)

by Asphodel

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Eli Melo-Gothic backed by excellent high reaching clean vocals, deep growls and convincing shrieking vocals, can't wait to hear more. Favorite track: Rivers of the Nether.
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This is a demo recording of three of our pieces. It is meant to showcase our music and establish a presence in the metal music community and the music industry. All three pieces present on this demo are part of something bigger; a full-length album that we plan on recording very soon.

We were all new to the recording process and truth be told it felt a bit intimidating the first time we walked into the studio. But when the music started it was just plain fun, not to mention the ideal reward for months of hard work.

Being the very first recording of our original music, Graces of the Fall is very special to us and we hope that you'll enjoy our music and decide to follow our band in the future. Enjoy!


released May 20, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sakis Bastas at Noisebox Studios, Patras

Album cover created by Georgia Gyftaki, used with permission

All music and lyrics written by Asphodel

Antreas - Guitars and clean & black vocals
Filon - Guitars and death vocals
Mihalis - Keyboards
Periklis - Bass guitar
Harris - Drums

Greetings to our friends and most loyal fans!



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Asphodel Patra, Greece

Asphodel is a melodic metal band based in Patras, Greece.

Our personal take on music is one rooted in gothic and black metal with a lot of doom elements and just a taste of classical music. We love powerful emotional melodies and dark or even depressing musical themes. This is the kind of music we work hard to produce. ... more

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Track Name: Celestial Shade
Behold the burial of the golden god
Where his crown of light is fading away into the shadows of her majesty

Black horses ride the sky
Their gallop marks the birth of night
Roar of the chariot, a trail of dusk
One whose endless glory will eternally last, forever

Drowned in the waters of horizon you ll be
As your rays of vanity vanish along with your lucidity

Black wings and halo of dark mist
Born out of pure massive nihil
Come and become the brightest shadow
On this celestial dome, oh mother of awe

Children of virgin birth unleashed upon the earth
Creatures of primal fear rule and haunt the night in our hearts
Defiling them
From within, cold misery

Mesmerizing sounds of serenity,
And images of sweet oblivion i breathe
Womb nocturnal, brother of mine
Till the dawn arrives, a gentle lullaby
I, the dreamless bearer of doom
Our mother's immortality
Am the pale dancer in starless skies
That the sun shall perpetually deny

Inside this darkness I will lay
And avoid the lucid way
Under a missing sun, silver my queen
Night and dusk I will become
To her beauty I'll succumb
Under a reigning moon, a feeling serene
Track Name: Rivers of the Nether
Lead me to the abominable abode of the dead
Nether, through one thousand needle pain
Acheron, bringer of woe and affliction
I smother life, cold destroyer of the flesh
Waters that carry the tragedy of fate
Dark are they, for dark is demise
Anathema, the grand fall begins

As the boat of Charon is approaching
A shiny lake of tears caught my eye
Cocytus your sour taste, the suffocating lament
Of a million souls

Hate, your name echoes into one's soul
Styx, you're inside evermore
Now that I carry no light and all light is devoured and lost
The anti-queen is by my side, eats all light and dawn
Your name echoes into my soul in endlessness

Pyriphlegethon, your fire is so loud
Where boiling sinful hearts bathe into your wrath
Don't come and poison me
With that toxic drops, I fear thee
Derived from the deepest depths

Fading memory of a burning sun, bright
Your new dawn is my dusk
Farewell to thee, cool breeze of aether in fall
There wont be no fall or rise
Slave of the nether ground
The shiny stars of hope are gone

Take me to the distorted realms of truth and past
Lethe unfurl your veil of nothingness
May in your holy nectar peace I find
Lethe shroud me in your emptiness
Track Name: Ghost Star
All that is me, all is you
Feel me, hear me
Our past and present aligned
In this life, every life

As I walk through the milky way
Beyond the stars, burning stars, above the high skies
And all around me cold space entropy
Among a billion sparkling dots, a bluish light
So faded and so weak, its form a dying glint
The glow of it so mine

Mirror of me, plain view
See me, feel me
Your ghostly ties bind my sight
You 're my eyes, yearning eyes
Speak to me, let me taste your sorrow

In the center of the world
Upon the throne of might and of the light
I radiate life
I am an immortal god
I'm on fire
The fire now is gone, a faint ember holds
And all of it my eyes

As I walk through the milky way
Into the silence of the mind, the void of matter lies
Where grains of stardust ignite my skin
A pale sign of glorious days, I descry
A fragment of itself, trapped and forever kept
In memory of light

In the center of the world
Upon the throne of might and of the light
I radiate life
I am an immortal god
I'm on fire
The fire now is gone, a faint ember holds
And all of it my eyes

A ghost star it's all I am
A broken man fading into this nothingness
Once bright and proud, an inspiring sight to behold
Past greatness torments my dreams
As I accept I will never shine again
I rest in peace